I was born and raised in Oklahoma. It has my heart and always will. My husband Chace and I are currently living in North Carolina where we are enjoying all the beautiful things it has to offer. We love to travel, especially to camp and get deep into the mountains. So many beautiful waterfalls. We have an adventure cat named Forest that we take with us on all our adventures. We are Jesus lovers, coffee drinkers, movie watchers. We love food and finding every good restaurant we can along our journey. I personally am addicted to chocolate and any kind of sweet really. 


Ever since I can remember I have had a love for photography. When I was about 10 years old I carried around a video camera with me basically everywhere I went. I recorded all the way through high school until I realized I looked a little strange videoing with an actual camera when I could be doing it on my phone. I had always said "one day" I will do photography professionally. One day. We got married, graduated college, moved to North Carolina, and then I realized that "one day" was here. I had always thought I would be a wedding photographer and I am so excited that dream of mine is coming true. Being there with the bride + groom and all the people they love most with joy beaming from all their faces and seeing all the beautiful bits and pieces come together for each unique couple. Having the ability to capture that for them to cherish forever is a dream.